Calculating a Cap Hit

by Johnny Fantasy

Many fantasy leagues incorporate a salary cap concept – whether as part of a continuous cap scheme or simply as a mechanism to select keeper players.  For those leagues that base player salary costs on real-life cap hits, figuring out what the actual cap hit for each player is very important.  Continue reading “Calculating a Cap Hit”


Week 8 in Review: The Big 1/3 Season Lookback

by Johnny Fantasy

With week 8 now behind us, most teams have played about 1/3 of  their season.  At such an important point in the season (even if it is mathematically unheralded), now is a good time to look back on this year’s draft to see how things have played out.   In every round, we can now see there have been disappointments, pleasant surprises and other noteworthy curiosities.  Today, we’ll be going through each round (based on Yahoo’s average draft round results) to take a look at some of those results and second guessing ourselves for not having been able to predict the future. Continue reading “Week 8 in Review: The Big 1/3 Season Lookback”

Week 1 in Review

by Johnny Fantasy

Today marks the final day of the first week of the fantasy hockey season.   Half of you are anticipating a well-earned victory, the other half are either mourning the impending loss or desperately trying to mount a futile comeback (or are completely oblivious because they haven’t looked at their team since they half-heartedly reviewed the results of their auto-draft[1]).  So, what have we learned, and what can this first week tell us about the rest of the season? Continue reading “Week 1 in Review”