Calculating a Cap Hit

by Johnny Fantasy

Many fantasy leagues incorporate a salary cap concept – whether as part of a continuous cap scheme or simply as a mechanism to select keeper players.  For those leagues that base player salary costs on real-life cap hits, figuring out what the actual cap hit for each player is very important.  Continue reading “Calculating a Cap Hit”


Blog Retooling

After a busy holiday season and much thought, I’ve decided to refocus this blog a bit. There are so many great fantasy hockey news sites and so much content out there; I want this blog to add something a bit different to the fantasy community and conversation rather than just be another voice analyzing the same facts as everyone else.   As such, I will no longer be doing weekly review posts but going forward I will set out to have posts on more directed topics, even if those posts will be less frequent.  All new posts will still be announced on twitter (@johnnyfantasy).  Thanks for reading and be sure to comment here or tweet at me to join the discussion!