Week 7 in Review

by Johnny Fantasy

A quick post this week, discussing injuries to some of your top draft picks and how to deal with them. Continue reading “Week 7 in Review”

Week 6 in Review

by Johnny Fantasy

This week: the NHL shamefully favours the needs of real-life players over fantasy owners and we look at a couple of players against certain expectations. Continue reading “Week 6 in Review”

Guest Post: An Explanation of Yahoo’s Standard Deviation Stat Filter

By Johnny Guestpost

A few years ago, Yahoo introduced a new option for filtering its player list in fantasy hockey: standard deviation or “std dev”.  This may have gone under the radar for a lot of people but it can actually be a very useful tool, especially in stat-category leagues, if you know how to use it.  Continue reading “Guest Post: An Explanation of Yahoo’s Standard Deviation Stat Filter”

A Commissioner’s Manifesto (Part 5 – In Search of the Perfect Points System)

by Johnny Fantasy

Setting up a fantasy hockey league is no easy task if you want to do things right.  While it’s impossible for fantasy to exactly track reality, I always wanted to find a league setup that did the fairest job of approximating reality and that would provide the best experience of managing a hockey team of NHL players.  To that end, there are the some basic principles I’ve settled on over the years.  In part 4, we tried to find the best balance of categories for a stat-categories league.  Here in part 5, we’ll try to figure out the best way to weight the stat categories for a Yahoo fantasy-points league. Continue reading “A Commissioner’s Manifesto (Part 5 – In Search of the Perfect Points System)”

Week 3 in Review

by Johnny Fantasy

This week we got a peek into Edmonton’s developing reserve of talent, we learned to laugh with (at?) the Ducks and we’re starting to think that maybe certain unexpected accomplishments last season can be repeated.   Continue reading “Week 3 in Review”