A Commissioner’s Manifesto (Part 1 – Platforms)

by Johnny Fantasy

Setting up a fantasy hockey league is no easy task if you want to do things right.  A lot of leagues just use the default settings, which is unfortunate because those may not be particularly well balanced or do the best job of reflecting real-life hockey value.  As a result, a lot of fantasy managers have become accustomed to using a lot of statistical categories that don’t make a lot of sense.   While it’s impossible for fantasy to exactly track reality (e.g., I’m not sure fantasy will ever be able to capture the intangibles that make elite two-way players like Jonathan Toews and Patrice Bergeron so valuable in real-life, and thus they will always be a bit undervalued from a fantasy perspective), I always wanted to find a league setup that did the fairest job of approximating reality and that would provide the best experience of managing a hockey team of NHL players.   To that end, there are the some basic principles I’ve settled on over the years.  Here in part 1, we’ll look at platforms.

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