A blog about (fantasy) hockey

Hello internet,

This is a blog about hockey.  Not just any kind of hockey, but fantasy hockey.  The game that allows us, the no-experience arm-chair GMs, to run a team of all-stars that could only ever possibly exist in a dream (or if the NHL somehow fell apart and reconstituted itself as 10 teams, with 2 or 3 GMs blatantly asleep at the wheel).

Fantasy sports are a lot of fun.  They’re free (unless you’re a compulsive gambler that can’t say ‘no’ to a bet) and allow us to enjoy the sport on levels we never previously considered.  Our allegiances bend and expand beyond our hometown teams; we become fans of new and random players on teams that barely come to our cities once a year.  But we are still hockey fans, and therefore we want rant about the players on our minds even though our local hockey fanbases have no idea why we care so much about whether Arizona’s young prospects can make the team and drag them out of the bottom of the standings (in this example, our local fanbase does not reside in Arizona, because we’re talking about hockey and five people does not qualify as a fanbase).

And so, where can we have these extremely nuanced conversations and debates without alienating all of our family and friends?  Ah, thank you internet.  This is the outlet we need to connect with all of those anonymous acquaintances whose faces we’ll never see, but who share our fervor.  So, I’m excited to start this blog to contribute to the conversation and the fantasy hockey internet community.

It’s been a long summer, but hockey season has finally returned, and with it a new fantasy season to obsess over.   So, a few posts are ready here, the comments sections are open – let’s talk fantasy hockey!


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